Touch-Free, After-Hours Prescription Pickup

RoboWall is a 24/7 prescription pickup center, giving pharmacies the ability to provide completed prescriptions for their patients to retrieve at any time, at their convenience. RoboWall can be installed indoors or outdoors and is ideal for avoiding/limiting human interaction. Patients find the convenience of anytime pickup highly advantageous, and the pharmacy staff’s time is freed up for other activities. RoboWall is being installed at record pace by retail pharmacies looking for 1) customer convenience, 2) brand awareness, 3) improved will call management, 4) time savings and labor savings. RoboWall delivers all of these, without disrupting the pharmacy’s existing workflow. Explore how RoboWall can differentiate your pharmacy and provide a technology offering that modern customers will appreciate.

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The Prescription Kiosk That Improves Your Customers’ Experience

The RoboWall carousel gives today’s customers another positive reason to frequent your pharmacy, by providing a novel way to pick up prescriptions when it’s convenient for the customer … not just for the pharmacy. RoboWall stores up to 224 filled orders, and is simple for the pharmacy staff to load (real-time loading is about 3 orders per minute). And it’s even simpler for the customer to pick up medications 24/7 just by using the SMS message and their date of birth to access the secure prescription kiosk (real-time retrieval is about 4 orders per minute). RoboPharma software carefully registers and monitors the whole process – keeping your pharmacy management team in total control the entire time.

Take a virtual tour of RoboWall

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Inside The Pharmacy Dimensions – At only 2125H x 880W x1065D mm, a RoboWall system never takes up too much pharmacy footprint. Front-door access requires less than 1m walkaround space for daily operation and any needed service.


7 Carousel Rows – We custom-design your internal carousel with a balance of small, medium, and large bins to hold any size packaging among the 7 carousel levels. The system picks the first vacant bin for the pharmacy staff to load the filled order – based on order size chosen by the pharmacy technician – and only that window opens.


Huge Capacity, For Any Size Rx – The RoboWall carousel accommodates small, medium, and large packaging. Small bin capacity is 80 x 280 x 170mm; Medium bin capacity is 160 x 280 x 170mm; Large bin capacity is 320 x 280 x 170mm. 244 maximum number of orders can be stored (if for all small packaging). A typical community pharmacy configuration is 120 locations with a blend of small, medium, large bins. Your RoboPharma account manager will consult with you on the right custom configuration.


Safeguards – If a pharmacy member is actively loading orders (left), the customer outside (right) is alerted onscreen to briefly wait.


ID Scan – Only authorized pharmacy staff members can access and load orders. The staff member scans her/his ID card to begin. This records who is filling which order, at what time, for what customer. Then the staff member scans the medication barcode, and selects the package size (small, medium, large). The RoboWall carousel automatically presents the first and best available bin location.


Computer System Interface – RoboWall can operate stand-alone; or interface with most pharmacy systems; or RoboPharma’s ScriptShelves software; or with your HQ software (for multiples).


Touch Screen – Pharmacy staff members easily navigate the prompts on the 12″ touchscreen. Once a medication is loaded and the order is complete, the RoboWall system automatically notifies the customer via SMS message (text) that the order is ready for retrieval, and includes a unique PIN.


Power & Connectivity – RoboWall consumes very little power (1700 W @ 230 V maximum usage). Cables are accessed at the top of the unit for power and internet connectivity.


On-Off – Switch to turn on and off power to the RoboPharma system.


Outer Dimensions – RoboWall is nearly flush to your exterior wall, whether it is outside the pharmacy or inside the lobby, and never obtrusive to passing traffic. Outer dimensions are 2225mm H x 1100mm W x 10mm D. Dimensions may vary by customer requirements and external building materials.


7 Pickup Windows – After the customer enters her/his unique PIN and date of birth on the touchscreen, RoboWall’s carousel rotates to the patient’s order location, and the corresponding pickup window slides open. Window slides only open upon the correct PIN/DOB data entry. All 7 windows are protected from the elements by a hinged polycarbonate external shield with handle. Order retrieval averages 3 orders/minute (user-dependent).


Pharmacy Branding – RoboWall helps your pharmacy stand above the competition, and many customers opt to brand their RoboWall units boldly. External and internal surface graphics can be applied by the pharmacy or RoboPharma before or after installation. The user interface also can be customized. Please consult with your RoboPharma account manager for ideas and specifications.


Order Is Ready For Pickup  – A customer receives an SMS (text) message from the RoboWall system alerting that the prescription is ready. The patient has a specific amount of hours or days (determined by the pharmacy) to retrieve the order at her/his convenience, 24/7. Upon approaching the RoboWall unit, the customer uses the easy-to-navigate 12″ touchscreen and follows prompts for the unique PIN (via SMS) and patient date of birth.


Security – RoboWall is built with rigid security in mind to prevent unauthorized access. And data is secure, with no link to patient and prescription data. The stainless steel exterior ensures your customers’ medications are safely stored inside the RoboWall carousel. The sole access point from the exterior is into one of the 7 pickup windows; and access is only allowed with a one-time PIN (provided by RoboWall software) and customer’s correct date of birth.


Get More Control

Get More Control
All actions are logged and saved. Data is readily available at any time.

Adapt Today - & Tomorrow

Adapt Today - & Tomorrow
Options for any size prescription packages, and designs that match your pharmacy's branding, physical layout, and available space. The look and feel of the user-interface screen also is customizable.

Improve Pharmacy Security & Safety

Improve Pharmacy Security & Safety
Built with rigid security in mind to prevent unauthorized access. And data is secure, with no link to patient and prescription data.

Added Benefits of RoboWall

RoboWall is reliable, secure, durable and compact – providing up to 224 small/medium/large size pick-up compartments on 7 tiers inside the robotic carousel. The entire unit occupies less than one square meter. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, pharmacies have looked for solutions that help limit human-to-human interaction. RoboWall provides just that and is suitable for placement in a pharmacy or health center, but also other public spaces such as supermarkets, metro stations, etc.

Video: RoboWall

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The Compact, Flexible RoboWall

RoboWall features a 7-tier rotating carousel inside that that is customized to fit your pharmacy’s volume, customer mix, and average package size. Our consultants work with you to organize the best mix of small, medium, and large internal bins. A very typical capacity is 120 orders at a time, but RoboWall can hold as many as 224 orders (small size) at once. For even higher volume pharmacies, consider a 2nd RoboWall adjacent to your first.

Highest Volume Pharmacies: Ask us about RoboBasket, for an even higher level of will call automation. RoboBasket automates a huge number of will call orders in sturdy barcoded baskets that can store large package sizes and multiple medication packages per patient. RoboBasket holds 300 to 10,000 bins. Click for RoboBasket.

With RoboWall, recoup your initial investment in as fast as 1 to 2 years.

How Does RoboWall Work?

Patient Order Filling inside the pharmacy:

Managing Will Call Inside The Pharmacy: After completing a customer script, the pharmacy staff member signs into the RoboWall system with a badge scan. The software chooses one of the available cells in the carousel  based on size (small, medium or large packaging). Only that bin’s door opens for the technician to load, so no errors or mixed patient medications can occur. Then, the RoboWall software automatically notifies the patient via SMS or email that the prescription is ready. Interaction is very quick: Typical speed is 3 fills per minute.

Patient Retrieval outside the RoboWall unit:

Customer Pickup Outside The Pharmacy: After receiving an SMS message (text) or email from the pharmacy, the customer arrives at the outside of the pharmacy at her/his convenience and enters the unique PIN-code and date of birth. One that bin’s door opens for the customer to retrieve the medication. All transactions are registered. Because RoboWall is typically facing an exterior wall, customers can collect scripts whenever it suits them, 24/7. Interaction is very quick: Typical speed is 4 orders retrieved per minute.

Add 24/7 Prescription Pick Up To Your Pharmacy

Have additional questions about expanding your retail pharmacy business with technology? Talk to our consultants to conduct a space- and cost-assessment.

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Automate More Of Your Pharmacy: ScriptShelves

RoboWall can be installed in 3 ways: 1) as a stand-alone unit, 2) interfaced with your pharmacy system or RoboPharma’s ScriptShelves, 3) interfaced with your HQ software to maximize control and Rx delivery efficiency. ScriptShelves organizes your completed order storage and will-call and maximizes your existing space – no remodeling needed. ScriptShelves software guides your staff to the correct location to store each Rx, and to retrieve each Rx for the patient. ScriptShelves also controls our HomeDeliveries software to manage your local delivery driver’s pickup and routing.