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Custom Pharmacy Automation Projects For Diverse, Global Customers with Diverse Applications

RoboPharma is the international leader in pharmacy automation technology and high-volume prescription fulfillment solutions. RoboPharma streamlines virtually any pharmacy’s workflow with uniquely flexible systems, custom-designed to automate 90% of packaging produced by pharmaceutical companies.

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World’s first drive-through RoboWall revolutionizes busy
hospital outpatient pharmacy’s Rx Pickup process

King Salman Military Hospital in northwest Saudi Arabia experienced a rapid increase in outpatient pharmacy volume, leading to long wait times for medication pick-up and parking challenges. The need for an efficient solution was critical to improve patient experience and manage the growing demand. Listening to patient preferences and deploying the right automation for pharmacy prescription pickup (in a novel RoboWall drive-through setting) has led to a dramatic workflow improvement.

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The Four Pillars Of RoboPharma Design

Maximizing Available Space

Every RoboPharma site delivers these essentials: speed, reliability, simplicity and maximizing available space. Ultimately, every RoboPharma site delivers greater staff and patient satisfaction, greater security, a dramatic reduction in error and driven-down costs. A better customer experience means greater brand loyalty, and a minimized need for technical support makes for happier employees on the ground!

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The Power of Simplicity: Save Money, Increase ROI & Reduce Headaches

By using gravity-fed, compact builds, we are able to maximize all available space, implement user-friendly automation (without maintenance-prone, single-robot arms), and ensure the entire process more cost-efficient by lowering both energy usage and operational costs. Wish to expand your system? Modular design allows you to easily scale up or down depending on your needs.

We Don’t Just Build It – We Support It

Our expert consultants are with you every step of the way, discussing your pharmacy’s daily needs, pain points and wishlists before building a custom pharmacy automation system. However, our work doesn’t end there. RoboPharma offers superior support to ensure the absolute minimum downtime possible. We also offer routine upgrades to make sure you’re getting the most of your system and logistics solutions to maximize supply chain efficiency.

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Elevating Performance Every Day With Capsa Healthcare

RoboPharma is automation from Capsa Healthcare, a pioneer in the health IT, medication management, and prescription fulfillment sectors. Capsa Healthcare, headquartered in Columbus, OH, USA, continues to expand its growing catalog of cutting-edge technologies and established brands on a global scale.

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Video: RoboPharma Overview

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