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Fast, Compact Medication Filling – Without Single-Arm Robot Picking

The heart of a RoboPharma automated system is our unique Channel Dispenser technology inside our robotic dispensing units. Remarkably simple, channel operation is based on gravity and proven technology to distribute fast-moving medication packets without the noise, energy demand, and cost of upkeep that you typically find with single-arm robot picking.

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Reliability, Flexibility & Speed: The Clear Benefits of Channel Dispensing

Our dispensers are incredibly compact and can store thousands of medication packages (many sizes, doses, and forms) in gravity-fed channels within just a few square meters inside our robotic dispensers. Thus, our systems maximize your existing space — and, thanks to our modular design, more capacity can be easily added with the addition of another row of dispensing units.

Continued Operation, Even If Power Goes Out

Channel dispensers have no moving parts, which leads to incredible uptime, redundancy, improved safety, low noise, and the ability to operate even with power failure. Our dispensers give you the flexibility to store a wide range of pharmaceutical products, too, including many sizes and shapes of boxes, bottles, blister packs. Channels come in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-wide in a single dispenser unit. Each unit is compact, from 2 square meters. Channels are modular and can be swapped quickly for different stock sizes. Each channel is designed to last 15+ years.

How RoboPharma Dispenser Channels Can Improve Your Pharmacy's Capabilities

  • Dispense 3 packages per second
  • Complete order within 10-15 seconds ready for processing for the patient order
  • 15+ year lifecycle
  • Have secure access to stock at any time, even during power failure
  • 99% proven uptime

Also Available: Slow Mover Doors

Channel dispensers are intended for fast-moving stock. But our designs can include Slow Mover Doors to the dispensers. Channels in the slow mover doors are shorter but operate with the same efficient, low-energy, fast manner.

Problem-Free Design

RoboPharma software tracks exactly how many medication packages the dispenser contains (current inventory), how many packets each channel can hold (capacity) and where they are stored. It may seem counterintuitive but the RoboPharma system for replenishment is much faster, more efficient, and problem-free compared to single-arm robot systems. And on the other side, dispensing is incredibly fast: Up to 3 medication packets per second are picked simultaneously to complete an order. The entire process is logical, fast, and devoid of complications and waste. Read  how our dispensing channels work in detail below.

Step-By-Step, How Our Dispensers Work

  • 1
    Replenishment is done on the back of the robot system. Each dispensing unit is filled manually, unless the pharmacy utilizes our optional AutoFill system.
  • 2
    The pharmacy's logistics assistant scans the medication’s bar code, enters the quantity to load, and inserts as many medication packets as directed by the software.
  • 3
    RoboPharma software directs the logistics assistant where to load stock while it keeps track of inventory levels. One logistics assistant can refill 1,000 to 1,500 medication packets per hour.
  • 4
    Dispensing on the other side of the robot happens as the RoboPharma software processes orders to fill. Each channel rapidly dispenses the exact number of medication packets for the required order.
  • 5
    Multiple channels dispense their particular mediation simultaneously for each order.
  • 6
    The gravity-based system allows the packets to slide onto the conveyor below, after they have been softly caught (thus, never any damaged medication packaging).
  • 7
    Once all medications are dispensed from the channels, the conveyor rapidly moves all medications for that order to an awaiting elevator for transport down the line.
  • 8
    The RoboPharma robot then is ready for the next order to be picked.


Our dispensers are based on gravity and proven technology. We also standardize on channel widths and lengths for ease of initial buildout, expansion, and repair.



Our dispensers are modular (widths are 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 packages per channel) and set lengths, so our mathematical projections sort what medications should be stored in which channels. As the pharmacy’s capacity increases, or as drug mix changes, our channels can be quickly changed out.



There is no single point of failure, anywhere, in our dispensers. If power to the facility is lost, staff still has access to all medications; you know exactly where every product is stored — RoboPharma has no chaotic storage and all packs of the same SKU are always stored together. If one component needs attention, the rest of the system continues to operate. Our uptime is 99%+, unmatched in the industry. Plus, the technical lifecycle of our componentry is 15+ years.


Our dispensing channels are incredibly fast: Up to 3 packages/second can be dispensed from multiple channels concurrently. Even with such speed, there is very little noise.

Want more about our Channel Dispenser technology?

Seeing a RoboPharma robotic dispensing process in action is so valuable. Let us show you either virtually or onsite.

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