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Go Vertical With Highest Volume Medications to Maximize Efficiency

In the highest volume central fill, mail order, and pharmaceutical wholesaler designs – where tens of thousands of medications are processed hourly and daily – space-saving storage is essential. That is where RoboPharma’s unique FastMover Channels play a critical role. FastMover Channels are vertical pharmacy storage and medication dispensing channels that take advantage of deep stacking in a tiny amount of floor space.

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Automated Vertical Pharmacy Storage Solutions

A FastMover channel consists of a vertical chute with an automatic dispensing unit at its bottom end. Standard channel lengths are 1,200, 1,600, 1,800, 2,000 or 2,200mm, depending on the volume needed (longer lengths available). And the channel width is adjustable to accommodate any package width. RoboPharma software allows each channel to be assigned a medication SKU (just scan a product package), then fill to capacity. This creates a remarkably flexible storage and dispensing system that is ready to grow, adjust, and expand with your needs.

The Added Benefits of RoboPharma's FastMover Channels:

  • 1
    Huge storage capacity: approx. 5 to 10 times more medication packages than a RoboPharma horizontal channel
  • 2
    Automatic, fast dispensing onto a conveyor
  • 3
    Compact and efficient usage of space
  • 4
    Easily accommodates any package size, and quickly adjusted channel widths
  • 5
    Fast replenishment, by filling stacks at a time
  • 6
    Can be designed to operate with RoboPharma horizontal channels, which can be equipped with a "slow mover door"

FastMover Specs & Additional Technical Details

RoboPharma offers FastMover Channels in a wide array of configurations, including:

  • 1 parallel line for lower numbers of SKUs to automate
  • A-Form, 2 lines parallel to each other with dispensing sides facing each other
  • M-Form, which is multiple A-Forms in concert
  • Customized formats to accommodate a RoboPharma RP20, RP30, or RP50 robot

Vertical Storage Solutions for Pharmacies of All Levels

Hundreds of FastMover Channels can be designed into the highest-throughput pharmacy. Ask for a virtual or in-person demo to see how FastMover Channels improve capacity.

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