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Reliable Rx Review & Automated Prescription Labeling

RoboLabel is an ingenious solution designed to perform three essential pharmacy functions simultaneously: final prescription check, Rx label printing, and patient order packaging. Every RoboPharma automated system that includes labeling can have up to an unlimited number of RoboLabel stations, each one capable of handling 85-100 prescriptions/hour.

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How RoboLabel Efficiently & Accurately Labels Medications

The RoboLabel station operator performs the final barcode check to ensure all correct medications are present and a perfect printed label is then printed and applied directly to each medication package –all in one quick wrist-swipe. Then the operator gathers all medication packages for the patient order into one sealed bag, and applies a final order label. By checking the package barcode against the prescription and simultaneously applying the label, you have absolute confidence in the accuracy of the medication, the order, and the patient.

The Added Benefits of RoboLabel

RoboLabel is much more than just a physical label-application station:

  • 1
    RoboLabel is expandable as your pharmacy capacity grows; just add additional stations.
  • 2
    The correct label is applied to the correct medication package every time, and the operator decides the location of the label on the pack to avoid blocked texts or braille. On top, every pack is visually checked for damage and anti-tampering sticker for FMD.
  • 3
    RoboLabel will only process the exact quantity of products for the order, eliminating the chance for duplicates, extras, or missing a package.
  • 4
    This system allows multiple labels for 1 item (e.g. label on tube) as well as on outer carton it is packed in.
  • 5
    RoboLabel gives you the flexibility necessary to use with packages stored outside of your RoboPharma automated system.
  • 6
    RoboLabel also applies the final label (bag-label) with a barcode that can be used for further processing and can even contain all FMD-information for “one-scan” decommissioning.

RoboLabel Specs & Technical Information:

  • Each station includes: RoboLabel, Scanner, Display (add an optional “endorsement printer”).
  • Label size: 80mm x 58mm standard
  • Color: White standard, but can be customized with choice of colors and company logo.
  • Option to modify and customize any field (e.g., warnings, usage directions)

Video: RoboLabel

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Improve Your Prescription Fulfillment Process – From Beginning to End

Have additional questions regarding RoboLabel and how it fits into your pharmacy system? Looking for innovative pharmacy automation solutions that will help improve daily workflows, boost efficiency and maximize security? Get in touch with one of RoboPharma’s expert consultants today and we can help you build the optimized system you’ve been looking for.

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