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Start-To-Finish Digital Pharmacy: Fill Up to 100,000 Prescriptions Per Shift

Mail Order Pharmacy is a quickly growing trend. In global regions where prescription orders can come directly from the patient or a dedicated website, a RoboPharma digital pharmacy solution is ideal. This end-to-end process is similar to our central fulfilment pharmacy model with two process exceptions: Patient prescription orders are received from a public web platform or app and not from a network of retail pharmacies; and once completed by the central filling site, orders are shipped back to the patient at home or a preferred location, not back to the community pharmacy. Everything else — receipt of order, processing, packaging — is handled flawlessly by a RoboPharma center. Explore more about our unique solutions for digital pharmacy that dramatically reduce dispensing errors, time and costs, and deliver scripts in a modern fashion for high customer satisfaction.

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Mail-Order Pharmacy vs. Central Filling

A mail order/digital pharmacy system is similar to a RoboPharma central filling pharmacy project except for how prescription orders are received (website or app) and what happens once prescription orders are completed (shipped back to where the patient prefers, such as home). The mail order pharmacy model may not be applicable or allowed in certain geographies. A RoboPharma consultant can help you investigate any regulations that may exist in your country. We are, after all, a global expert in pharmacy filling.

The Integrated Components Of A RoboPharma Digital Pharmacy System

Your custom build-out would be steered by automation software that controls ordering, receiving, processing, validating, dispensing, checking, labeling, sorting, user identification, track-and-trace of all steps, and reporting functions. Our software orchestrates the many interwoven hardware components like:

  • Sorters
  • High capacity robotic dispensers
  • Checking & labeling systems
  • Packing systems
  • Vial and bottle feeding systems
  • Conveyors
  • Storage systems
  • Cappers
  • Vision inspection systems

A Growing Global Trend

Every year, more regions worldwide are adopting a digital pharmacy business model where prescription orders can come directly from the patient or a dedicated website instead of through a community pharmacy. Ask RoboPharma, we are experts at navigating your local geographical mail order pharmacy regulations.

RoboPharma’s Mail Order Automation Model

  • 1
    Patients submit their e-prescription directly to the mail order pharmacy via a website or other application.
  • 2
    When the prescription is received, the mail-order pharmacy then efficiently dispenses the medicines and checks and labels the individual packages.
  • 3
    The system packs the full patient order into a patient-specific bag or box, and applies a shipping label.
  • 4
    Once completed, orders are shipped back directly to the patient’s home or preferred address.

Example Of A High Volume Mail Order Facility

Click each number to follow the RoboPharma workflow
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1. Prescription Arrival

Orders are received directly from patients via a pharmacy website or app.


2. Stock Entering

Stock is delivered and put into the Stock Keeping RobotCells (late PM/early AM). Totes with picked items for the Non-Stock Keeping systems enter the pharmacy for direct processing.


3. Stock Keeping

Dispensing RobotCells fill scripts that only contain ‘Top 1,200 items’. Approx. 70% of all scripts can be processed. Bulk medication is stored in the robotic dispensers. Every RobotCell can dispense 600-700 scripts/hour with an average of 6 medication packs/script.


4. Non-Stock Keeping

SorterCells process scripts containing medications outside the ‘Top 1,200 items’. Stock is delivered on-demand from the wholesaler and processed per 100 scripts. Every SorterCell can process 500-600 scripts/hour with an average of 6 medication packs/script.


5. Collation & Basket Loading

Sophisticated conveyer and software network unites all baskets with completely picked and sorted medications, and transports to the RoboLabel stations.


6. RoboLabel Stations

Filled prescriptions are scanned, checked, labeled, bagged, sealed. RoboPharma software checks each pack against the script and prints and applies the label to each medication pack. When all items are present and verified, a final bag label is produced. Each RoboLabel station operator (production worker) averages 100 complete scripts/hour with an average of 6 medication packs/script.


7. Branch-Distribution Sorting

Completed, labeled orders are scanned and collated for direct delivery to patients.


8. Order Delivery

Orders delivered to each patient’s residence.


8. Unlimited Capacity

Example shown can manage 100,000 orders/day. Every RoboPharma digital pharmacy project is custom designed to fully utilize available space and accommodate future growth.


Video: RoboPharma Overview

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Your Mail Order Pharmacy Software System Experts

Do you have additional questions about your country’s regulations for mail order or digital pharmacy? Get in touch with RoboPharma today.

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