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Assisting The Retail Pharmacy Process & Improving Profit Margins

Utilizing RoboPharma’s Lean Filling software and process engineering, the retail pharmacy saves a tremendous amount of time, storage, inventory, and labor (and thus expense) by pre-handling repeat prescription medications from the wholesaler – which averages 70% of a pharmacy’s total orders. The pharmacy can stock a much lower level of common chronic use medications in-house, relying on the wholesaler instead for the vast majority of daily orders.

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How Our Lean Filling Technology Works:

  • Repeat prescriptions are ID’d in the central filling module of your pharmacy’s PMR system.
  • These repeat prescriptions are forwarded to the Lean Filling software at adjustable time intervals.
  • Repeat prescriptions are automatically custom ordered at the wholesaler, and the wholesaler delivers these repeat prescription medications in separate, marked totes.
  • Once Lean Filling totes are received, the pharmacy technicians use RoboPharma’s barcode-driven racking system and bins, and software to quickly sort each received medication packet to a specific patient order bin.
  • Using a RoboLabel station, each medication is verified and labeled, and the order is bagged and labeled.
  • The patient order is then ready to be stored in the pharmacy’s will call area.

Positive ROI & Benefits of Using Our Lean Filling System:

  • 1
    No initial investment required
  • 2
    Automatic and custom ordering of repeat prescriptions from the wholesaler
  • 3
    Dramatically reduce onhand stock, which increases liquidity
  • 4
    Non-pharmacist personnel manage the process, for labor savings
  • 5
    Unmatched accurate; approx. 1 error in 1M prescriptions
  • 6
    Always applicable, regardless of your PMR system

Learn More About Lean Filling

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