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Our Approach To Design & Engineering Is The Secret To Our Customers’ Success

There is never one best solution for every situation. There’s only YOUR best solution – for your pharmacy or company. So our best service to you is to find that best solution, talk with the right people in your organization, carefully examine your existing space and workflows. And only then designing a system that optimizes your business.

Experienced Expert Guidance, From Innovation to Installation & Beyond

RoboPharma hires the best listeners, not only the best engineers. Our consultants are highly experienced and can advise you on how to use your available space effectively in an effort to achieve maximum results. We also understand the importance of working in partnership with you and all your business partners – including architects, shop-fitters and software providers. From start to finish, we ensure that every project is managed to meet your expectations. And once your automation is installed and up and running, we’ll be there to make sure that all your staff is familiar with how to maximize its potential and to ensure our systems run flawlessly, year after year.

How RoboPharma Does Pharmacy Automation Better

Stronger dispensing uptimes, lower costs and greater accuracy every time – these are all hallmarks of a RoboPharma system. We are able to outperform other providers at a more competitive cost because of our unique channel dispensing capabilities, a superior method of fulfillment when compared to robot arm dispensing that many competitors use.

RoboPharma is also rooted in community-level pharmacy service. As our expertise grew over time, we moved to a wholesale distribution model to help companies on an international scale. This metamorphosis from local to global has allowed us to be at the forefront of innovation without losing our attention to detail and granular approach to support. No pharmacy process in any global region is too complex (or too small), too unique or too specialized for adapting the RoboPharma method of automation.

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