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Take Labor Out Of Deblistering Medication Strips

The RoboPharma automated deblister system makes fast work out of removing medication tablets/capsules from medication blister strips. Pharmacy staff  members often handle a great number of deblistering tasks during any given shift. This repetitive task isn’t just mundane, it can also cause repetitive-stress injuries. The RoboPharma Auto Deblister System is designed to mitigate risk of injury and improve the daily lives of pharmacy employees.

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The Additional Benefits of Our Auto Deblister System:

  • Saves time, energy & steps
  • Tracks the total number of pills per session
  • Accommodates almost any size blister strip, with tablets or capsules
  • Deblisters up to 20 blister strips per minute (depending on the operator)
  • Prevents waste & saves resources

Simplifying The Complex Fulfillment Process At Every Turn

Every second counts when improving the complete pharmacy supply chain – and automation can be leveraged to replace some of the more tedious tasks. Not only does this cut down on human error and frustration, but it also frees up your team members to focus on patient interaction or perform other duties that best utilize their skills.

Operation of this table-top device is easy:

  • 1
    Adjust the input channel
  • 2
    Enter the number of pills per blister strip
  • 3
    Feed the strip in one at a time
  • 4
    Pills are collected in the lower container
  • 5
    Process one or multiple blister strips of the same medication

Auto Deblister System Specs & Technical Details

  • 220v
  • 40 (h) 40 (d) 40 (w)cm
  • 4 Kg
  • Throughput: Up to 20 blister strips/minute

Your International Pharmacy Automation Experts

RoboPharma’s history is rooted in community pharmacy service. We understand the needs of individuals on the ground – and we can also grasp the impact of big-picture efficiency. The Auto Deblister System is a shining example of how you can tackle both issues at one time. Have additional questions about this machine and how it can improve your daily workflow?

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