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A Simplified Approach to Automation Design In a Complex Industry

Our customers are a unique combination of pharmacy experts and savvy business professionals; they expect a fast return on their investment. And RoboPharma consistently delivers. Customers measure efficiency improvements before and after install, and our designs yield more than 25% improvement in speed, reduction of error, and labor needs. Moreover, their initial investment is recouped in less than two years. Customers have also noted a dramatic improvement in working conditions throughout the pharmacy and appreciated the opportunity to spend more time with their customers.

Build a Better Pharmacy Today

Pharmacy Design Services To Evolve With Your Organization

Both consumer demands and compliance regulations are always changing. That is why RoboPharma works directly with you and your team to create a suitable pharmacy design that not only meets the goals of today but can also evolve with a constantly shifting landscape. How do your customers shop and what new trends have you noticed? What will give you the competitive edge? What are your headaches and pain points? Our experts ask the right questions before creating a design that works for every party involved.

Beyond ROI: RoboPharma Improves The Daily Lives of Team Members

An effective pharmacy design has to be easy to use for the technicians and people who work with the system on a daily basis. Because of the simplicity of the RoboPharma system and supporting software, our equipment is extremely user-friendly. Once installed, staff members report they felt well-trained and ready to get the most out of their system with just a few hours of training.

Such high marks post-installation are not by happenstance. They are the result of our approach to pharmacy automation design and replicating it in every custom solution we build.

Get Started with RoboPharma
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