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RoboPharma Is Your Innovation Partner

RoboPharma is proud to be part of Capsa Healthcare. With Capsa’s support, we are taking RoboPharma to the next level. We are excited about what this combination can create, as Capsa offers RoboPharma strategic support to accelerate our growth plans in Europe and the United States. Our management and engineering teams are based in RoboPharma headquarters in Waalwijk, The Netherlands. With more R&D resources at our fingertips and more unique opportunities to innovate in all pharmacy sectors in all areas of the globe, RoboPharma is only getting stronger.

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Simplified High Volume Pharmacy Solutions

RoboPharma believes in delivering effective pharmacy automation – simply! By concentrating on speed, reliability and maximizing your available space, we provide improved prescription filling efficiency, improved productivity and greater accuracy.

Comprehensive, Flexible Systems for Pharmacies of All Levels

From busy community pharmacies, to hospitals, wholesalers and central filling operations, we can provide custom, flexible solutions designed around your specific requirements:


easy to use and flexible to adapt to your changing needs. In fact, staff training at a new RoboPharma installation takes just a few hours.


our theory that more-is-less has been proven to reduce downtime, mechanical failures, and bottlenecks. Fewer headaches help you maximize customer care.


our automation can process up to 3 medication boxes per second, and our average dispensing time for a complete prescription is just 10-15 seconds. This includes transport to the counter!


careful planning, intelligent usage of conveyors and vertical feeding systems, and customization for every project mean we will make the most of your available space, with a remarkable absence of wasted steps, time, and materials.

Video: RoboPharma Overview

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Our History: International Expansion & Continued Industry Leadership

RoboPharma began in the central Netherlands and within 1 year had achieved market leadership nationally. The company has been rapidly expanding across continental Europe, intently in the United Kingdom, in the Middle East, and in Australia. No pharmacy process in any global region is too complex or too unique or too specialized for adapting the RoboPharma method of automation.

Our Mission Statement

It is the RoboPharma mission to provide reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly automation to help our customers optimize their services; To nurture long-term relationships with lasting solutions; To continue to utilize new technological advancements and search for innovative solutions.

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