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Organized Rx Hand-out and Home Delivery Processes

Efficient patient order management is the goal when it comes to retail and hospital outpatient pharmacies. RoboPharma has developed two products designed to prevent lost prescriptions, minimize clutter and reduce hassles for pharmacy staff or patients to get the right order to the right patient quickly. ScriptShelves, in conjunction with HomeDeliveries software, offers a compact, simplified and flexible solution for daily prescription finalization.

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ScriptShelves: Efficient Rx Hand-out & Order Storage

ScriptShelves is a scalable system that replaces chaotic, error-prone, and cluttered prescription pickup practices that are prevalent in many community pharmacies. ScriptShelves organizes and manages prescriptions, tracks status via software, and integrates with a patient notification program to alert patients by text or email. Even better, ScriptShelves requires no remodeling, expansion, or construction; use your existing space, refrigerator, drawers, etc.

Just declutter your existing pickup space, use the ScriptShelves software to assign locations and baskets, use your own baskets (or RoboPharma offers custom size baskets), and let the system guide the entire process from labeling filled scripts to storing to patient alerts to retrieval. Technicians find the system to be a dramatic time- and step-saver because the system directs the staff on where to store a finished script, and where to retrieve a script for a waiting customer.

The full power of ScriptShelves occurs when your pharmacy includes a RoboWall automated 24/7 pickup kiosk. ScriptShelves software interfaces with RoboWall to ensure the right patient orders are stored in the right location to suit your customer’s preference –in-store, or outside at the RoboWall kiosk.

The Added Benefits of ScriptShelves:

  • Pharmacy staff and patients always know the status and location of each patient order
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Fewer staff interruptions
  • No searching for missing or incomplete patient orders
  • System guides the pharmacy technician via a wireless scanner to the correct position, even when multiple orders for the patient are available
  • Works within your existing space with no need for expansion

Video: ScriptShelves

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Each ScriptShelves System Can Contain:

  • ScriptShelves software
  • Computer workstation
  • Wireless scanner and labels
Optional Components Include:
  • Racking
  • Baskets with barcodes
  • Racking with location pick-to-light
  • Racking with auto-detect system
  • Reporting functionalities
  • Integration with RoboWall 24/7 collection point
  • Integration with HomeDeliveries Routing Software to plan prescription delivery

HomeDeliveries: Amplify the Power of Your RoboPharma System

HomeDeliveries is RoboPharma’s user-friendly app that is deployed on a handheld device. The system plans the driver’s route, even picking the most efficient trip and planning for multiple delivery stops. Once at the patient’s home, the system instructs the driver to record a signature and updates the pharmacy system of the successful delivery. This feature is gaining popularity quickly as customers rely more and more on home delivery for many essentials, including their prescriptions.

Video: HomeDeliveries

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Make Your Pharmacy More Competitive With Efficient Home Delivery Services

Many pharmacies using ScriptShelves reserve a dedicated basket for home deliveries, which saves time for the driver. When the driver collects all patient orders for the daily route, the location barcode brings up all ready prescriptions with patient names and addresses. Have additional questions about ScriptShelves or our HomeDeliveries software capabilities?

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