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Boost Pharmacy Staff & Patient Satisfaction With RoboPharma

Whether your model is patient-specific or non-patient-specific, RoboPharma can design a Hospital Pharmacy automation solution to manage every step of the process. RoboPharma custom-designs automation to manage inventory, medication picking, transport to the ward or outpatient pharmacy, and patient pickup. A RoboPharma site can handle thousands of patient orders daily and dramatically speed up prescription and ward filling while decreasing errors and everyday headaches.

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Improve Efficiency At All Levels With A RoboPharma Hospital Pharmacy System

For large central hospitals and busy hospital outpatient pharmacies, the RoboPharma suite of automation is custom-designed, but one thing is always standard: our automation software controls everything to the split-second, and coordinates the many components of your operation that could include:

  • Medication storage
  • High capacity robotic dispensers
  • WardBox Filling Station
  • Checking and labeling
  • Intelligent conveyors to each ward, or to outpatient pharmacy
  • Automated will call
  • Internal logistic systems to drop medicines at counters and back-office workspace or in ward totes
  • Patient 24/7 delivery kiosk

Reliable High-Volume, High-Speed Pharmacy Filling

The processing speed and related labour savings are impressive: 1-3 seconds to pick the medications of a complete script and transport the entire script 2 meters per second, while the next order is already being processed — without ever mixing orders. RoboPharma consults with the pharmacy directors to assess the best application and technology to automate.

Robotic Filling To Each Ward

Coordinating orders for each hospital ward’s mini-pharmacy could be daunting, but RoboPharma software steers the network of high-speed dispensing robots and integrated tote conveyors so there is no holdup or backup, and patient care on the floors is supported by the reliable delivery of medication doses.

Video: RoboPharma Overview

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Grow Your Pharmacy’s Capacity While Reducing Employee Stress

Wondering about how our systems handle ward filling and outpatient prescription processing? Let our expert consultants set up a consultation.

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