Software BasketToteTrolley - A convenient adjustable cart with a large storage capacity to fit your needs. Dispenser Adjustable WorkDesk - Make the workplace even more pleasant with this height adjustable workdesk solution.
Transportband BasketToteCart - A flexible and versatile solution for transport with an ideal work height. RoboLabel Adjustable Workstation - The ideal solution for RoboLabel: height-adjustable with extra storage space.
RoboRemote SandwichBasketCart - With multiple compartments and a large storage place for stacking recipe bins. OTC Module Adjustable Rollertrack - For endless internal transport solutions. Available in many types or customized to your personal situation. Height adjustable.
Tote wagon RoboLabel WorkDesk - The basic equipment for your staff to operate with the RoboLabel system. Tote wagon Pharmacy Baskets - A wide range of baskets in different sizes, nest able and with easy to scan barcode.
Label dispenser manual Label dispenser user manual

Check the Pipe Joint System leaflet:

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