Product overview

Software Software  - Robust software interfaces with major pharmacy systems. Dispenser Dispensers - Accurately store and dispense a wide range of pharmaceutical products in a convenient channel system.
Logistic Solutions  - Multiple drop points and flexible delivery solutions, to suit your needs and available space RoboLabel Robolabel  – Checks barcode against prescription and applies correct label.
RoboRemote RoboWall  - Extend your service outside normal working hours with a remote link. OTC Module PPD-OTC  - Enhance OTC sales with automated efficiency.
Periphery  - For optimal efficiency it is important
that the environment is well connected to the process. With the Newton Pipe Joint System,
low cost and and super flexible periphery like racks, carts, flow racks, workstations, etc. can be custom made.
Ward Box Filling Systems : RoboPharma offers diverse ward box filling systems. Click here for more information. TCM Robot : For automatic processing of powder based prescriptions. Efficient and precise!___________
CentralFilling CentralFilling - CentralFilling provides your colleagues an efficient way of repeat medication. Lean Filling - for fast and efficient ordering and processing of repeat prescriptions in your own pharmacy.
Dispenser_products AutoFill  - High end automatic filling for robots. Multifunctional, Accurate, Fast and Supporting High Density Storage. Dispenser_products FastMover Channels  - FastMover Channels are vertical storage channels, ideal for organised storage and automatic dispensing of your fast moving products.
CleverFill  - CleverFill PDA for more efficient robot use. The CleverFill PDA has been developped for optimising robot use and supports users to get the best from the robot.  RoboBasket   RoboBasket - A logistic solution for efficient and compact handling and managing of stock in containers. Used for efficient completing and order picking.

ScriptShelves & HomeDeliveries  - Track and Trace scripts. Notify your patients.