Mechatronic Engineer (Industrial Automation) Stoke-on-Trent

Are you the flexible Mechatronic Engineer who is energized by technical challenges and customer support?

As a Mechatronic Engineer the most important part of your role is to provide service to our customers in accordance with the SLA’S. Together with your colleagues you provide flexible support to our customers. You’ll be dealing directly with breakdowns, urgent questions, providing technical support and delivering excellent service.

You’ll come across a diverse range of technical issues and industrial automation-related incidents. So, you’ll need core mechanical, electrical and diagnostic skills that can be deployed efficiëntly and in real-time, as you strike the balance between completing quick and sustainable repairs. You also need an affinity with ICT.

In order to guarantee the continuity of the systems at our customers, you need to be available outside of regular working hours, for helping our customers when they need us.

We therefore expect you to have a flexible and customer-focused mindset. Your working hours are mainly on Monday to Friday (office hours), but we also expect you to be available for our customers outside the office hours. Within the small service team you jointly bear responsibility to ensure accessibility for our customers. As a team you ensure that we are available between 07.00 a.m. and 09.00 p.m. for 6 days a week. You can arrange your working week flexibly, as long as accessibility for the customer is guaranteed. In practice, it may therefore also occur that you actually work less days a week.

Your basic salary is based on a 40 hours work week. All hours worked above your contract hours (40) will be paid as overtime.

We’re looking for someone who is representative and has experience working as an industrian mechanic. For this position it is necessary that you live in Stoke-on-Trent where a few systems are build, but this role may also require you to some work in different areas of the country.

If you have the skills to provide flexible support to our customers and you recognise yourself in the profile? Please sent us your resume or contact us for further information at We’re looking forward to your application!