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Improve The Efficiency of  Medication Transport in Hospital Pharmacy Systems

An essential component to a RoboPharma hospital pharmacy automated system. A WardBox Filling Station is interfaced with our dispensing robot system (e.g., RP20, RP30) onsite at the hospital’s main pharmacy. Once medications for a ward are auto-dispensed in a matter of a few seconds and drop to the waiting conveyor, the medications are transferred over to the WardBox Filling Station which serves as a conductor for the high-speed conveyance of medication packets headed for each ward’s mini pharmacy. This makes replenishment during each shift reliable and fast.

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Each Station Is Composed of an Interconnected Series of:

  • Input buffer for empty totes
  • Lift and conveyor track
  • Filling station
  • Printer
  • Output buffer for full totes
  • Software and touchscreen computer for the WardBox Filling Station operator.

How Our WardBox Filling Station Works

As specific medication packets are selected from the RoboPharma dispensing robot to fulfill each ward’s replenishment order, the medications are placed in a barcoded tote and transported to the conveyor system, which quickly moves the tote to the hospital’s transport system to be delivered to the ward’s sub-pharmacy. The WardBox Filling Station gives pharmacy greater control, data, speed and confidence in the precise picking and delivery of medications.

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