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Automatic Powder-Based Prescription Filling

RoboPharma’s TCM Robot (traditional Chinese medicine) can process hundreds of custom prescriptions per day, with each formula consisting of a delicate, precise blending of 3 to 18 powdered ingredients.

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How The TCM Robot Works

The system combines an efficient storage/inventory system of bulk ingredients in cassettes (up to several hundred), bulk prescription bottles, a high-speed robotic arm, and software to control the inventory and mixing of each prescription. The TCM robotic arm selects the right size bottle and calculates the correct selection and amount of ingredients, by ultra-precise weighing. Then the robotic arm brings the bottle to each of the necessary ingredient cassettes and dispenses exact measurements one after the other until the mixture is completed. The robotic arm delivers the bottle to a barcoded tote, for the final inspection.

Video: TCM Powder Robot

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Additional Benefits Of The TCM Robot

The TCM Robot is barcode-driven to ensure the correct ingredients are stocked, and then retrieved. The system also is incredibly precise in its weight measurements, far surpassing human capabilities.

Have additional questions about RoboPharma’s TCM Robot for powder-based prescription fulfillment? Contact us today.

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