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Highest Volume 24/7 Rx Pickup Kiosk

In any high volume community pharmacy or hospital outpatient pharmacy, will call can become unmanageable, take over too much physical space, or overload the counters and the team. Plus, the more orders staged in one crowded area, the more chance for error. RoboPharma offers a deluxe level of automating your will call in RoboBasket. Similar in concept to our popular RoboWall, the RoboBasket system can automate an immense number of filled scripts: 300 to 1,000+ filled patient orders at a time. Using uniform barcoded baskets, RoboBasket organizes almost any package size and multiple items for a single patient order. Orders stay together for higher patient satisfaction and time-savings upon retrieval. RoboBasket’s customer kiosk can be installed indoors as well as outdoors and aids pharmacies that want to provide safe-distancing interaction. Patients appreciate anytime pickup, and your pharmacy staff’s time is freed up for other activities besides managing an out-of-control manual will call method.

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How RoboBasket Can Improve Your Pharmacy’s Capacity

RoboBasket automation and software automatically takes in, stores and dispenses from rugged baskets that a robotic arm system organizes inside a secure racking bay system. Entry level RoboBasket starts small (approx. 300 baskets) and can expand with your needs and volume (up to 1,000+ baskets). For smaller volume retail and hospital outpatient pharmacies, consider our RoboWall system which can automate up to several hundred patient orders. Click here for RoboWall. 

Efficient, Economical Container System For Almost Any Industrial Setting’s Storage

Beyond pharmacies, RoboBasket is designed to maximize storage and retrieval of any type of small parts and inventory in manufacturing settings, wholesalers, distribution centers, and large offices. A RoboBasket system reduces the facility’s energy and storage costs due to its ability to store a huge number of SKUs and volume per square meter, and automate the retrieval of any container within seconds using RoboPharma’s sophisticated stock level management software. Inventory levels are kept with our extensive reporting function.

How Does RoboBasket Work?

Patient Order Organization inside the pharmacy:

After completing patient order filling, the pharmacy staff places all of a patient’s filled medications into a single RoboBasket barcoded basket (standard: 300 mm x 240 mm x 90 mm; each basket can hold approx. 1.5 kg). A staff member transports the filled baskets to the RoboBasket entry door (either manually carry the totes or use our convenient basket trolley) and signs into the unit for secure access. The staff member quickly loads the filled baskets into any available position, and signs out. The robotic arm inside RoboBasket organizes each specific basket into a trackable location, and the system automatically sends a unique code to the patient by text or email that the order is ready for pick-up.

Patient Retrieval outside the RoboBasket unit:

Upon receiving the alert that a prescription is ready for pickup, the patient proceeds to the RoboBasket 24/7 kiosk which can be installed inside the lobby as well as outside the pharmacy. The patient uses the combination of her/his DOB and the unique code at the user touchscreen. The robotic arm inside RoboBasket quickly selects the patient’s basket(s) and delivers to the pickup window. Patients can collect scripts whenever it suits them, 24/7-365. RoboBasket logs all actions and updates the software it is interfaced with.


Video: RoboBasket

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A RoboBasket system can include:

RoboBasket systems can include

  • Software for stock management
  • Logistics and interfacing
  • Operator workstation(s) with PC, touchscreen, mouse, keyboard, barcode scanner, and door security
  • Filing and dispensing station(s)
  • External 24/7 patient access kiosk with touch screen and secure window to access contents
  • Container magazine(s)
  • Base frame with shielding
  • Positioning system with container gripper
  • Baskets optionally in multiple sizes and/or fitted with partitioning (ask RoboPharma to consult about your ideal set-up)

Optional Added Features & Hardware

Your RoboBasket system can handle the straight job of organizing hundreds of containers, or maximize the system with these optional added features and hardware:

  • Stacker(s) for empty return containers
  • Order pick-checking with check-weigher
  • User ID, user logging & authorization
  • Reporting
  • Software interface with local onsite systems
  • Multiple filling- and dispensing stations and options
  • One or multiple dispensing buffers
  • Logistic systems with conveyors and roller conveyors
  • Multiple container grippers
  • Coupling with PDA, Tablet or Smartphone

Customer Service & Will Call Efficiency Increase with RoboBasket

Let us run an ROI analysis for your pharmacy’s prescription output and assess the right size RoboBasket (or RoboWall) system.

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