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Automated Restocking Solution For RoboPharma Dispensing Robots

While the replenishment process to restock any of our robotic dispensers (RP20, RP30 and RP50) manually is inherently efficient, pharmacies wanting to automate even more of the process can upgrade to include AutoFill. An advanced high-speed robotic arm removes the labor of bulk medication refilling by a technician. For pharmacies that require the lowest amount of labor, AutoFill can handle more of the workload for you — up to 3,000 packs per hour. With this barcode-driven system along with the inherent design of each RoboPharma dispensing channel, there is virtually no chance for error during restocking.

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How AutoFill Works:

  • 1
    At the AutoFill operating station, the technician uses RoboPharma software to barcode-scan all medication to be replenished.
  • 2
    The tech then loads multiple packages of medications in the fill buffer (up to 5 SKUs at a time).
  • 3
    The system includes "put-to-light" technology to ensure the technician loads the correct medication packages to the correct chute of the fill buffer.
  • 4
    The robotic fill gripper transfers each row of medication packages to the correct dispenser channel, and quickly slides all packages into the channel.

Video: AutoFill

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Scalable, With Manual Options

Larger RoboPharma designs can include multiple cooperative AutoFill units. And, at any time, manual replenishment of dispensing channels can be used instead of or in conjunction with the AutoFill robotics. An AutoFill system has a huge filling capacity up to 3,000 packs per hour.

Have additional questions about replenishing RoboPharma dispensing robots? Let our consultants perform a virtual or live demo.

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