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The Perfect Balance: Non- Patient Specific Medication Doses Direct From The Wholesaler

To replenish pharmacies with their daily stock of medications, RoboPharma has developed a powerful application for high-speed medication pick-and-pack at the Pharmaceutical Wholesaler facility. These made-to-order solutions can handle hundreds of thousands of non-patient specific doses, picked exactly for that location’s daily order list, and efficiently delivered via secure totes. This system handles stock that a community pharmacy needs in bulk, not patient labelled.

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Innovation Bulk Medication Processing

Our Pharmaceutical wholesale automation systems are the answer to the wholesale drug industry’s unique needs for organization, speed, and error-free picking. These systems dramatically reduce packing errors, labor, time and cost. Below is a brief explanation of RoboPharma’s pharmaceutical wholesale automation model.

How We Improve The Wholesale Automation Process

Orders are received from the pharmacies into the wholesaler site. When orders are received, the RoboPharma-driven system then efficiently dispenses the exact bulk medicines. The system packs the complete order in one or more pharmacy-specific totes and sorts the orders for transport.

The end result: Pharmacy staff has their stock in-store exactly when patients need it.

Versatility to Ensure Complete Supply Chain Efficiency

RoboPharma’s solutions are designed to work with many package sizes and doses, no matter the volume or SKU.

A RoboPharma custom-designed pharmaceutical wholesaler system site can fulfill hundreds of bulk orders per day for its pharmacy customers.

Each custom-designed project can consist of:

  • RoboPharma automation software that includes ordering, receiving, processing, dispensing, logging, and reporting functions.
  • RoboPharma dispensing systems.
  • Sorting racks, flow racks, trolleys, conveyers, and/or autonomous mobile robots.

Video: RoboPharma Overview

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RoboPharma: Your Wholesale Pharma Automation Experts

Let us run a detailed ROI assessment for filling pharmacies’ non-patient specific stock with automation — the time- and cost-savings are extraordinary.

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