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Automate More Steps To Improve Staff Workflow and Patient Satisfaction

For large multiples and busy independent retail pharmacies, the RoboPharma suite of Retail Prescription-Filling Automation and digital patient engagement products improves the workflow and satisfaction for both the pharmacy team and patients. RoboPharma projects speed up filling wherever installed along the prescription fulfillment process. Several systems also streamline interaction with patients to save time and avoid or limit personal contact. Not sure where to start? RoboPharma consults directly with your pharmacy directors to assess your business goals, available space, and future growth plans.

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Increase Capacity, Reduce Errors & Upgrade Your Customers’ Experience

A RoboPharma retail pharmacy automation site can fulfill thousands of patient orders per day. Our retail solutions cover medication storage, picking, internal logistic systems to drop medicines at counters and back-office workspaces, checking and labeling, will-call, 24/7 Rx handout, and even home delivery. With RoboPharma automation, pharmacists can get back the one resource most needed: time.

Individual Products, Or Full Pharmacy Automation

Choose individual products to address specific needs like will call, checking and labeling, and 24/7 pickup. Or let RoboPharma design a fully automated workflow that starts with high-capacity robotic dispensing of all your common medications (full prescription in less than 10 seconds) and accommodates every step — from storage and high-speed picking to patient home delivery.

Explore Our Individual Technologies
70% of all prescriptions flowing into a retail pharmacy can be transferred to a RoboPharma central filling hub

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Explore some of our most popular technologies for community pharmacy settings.

Robot Dispensers

Store & automate thousands of fast-mover doses

A RoboPharma Dispensing Robot is the highest level of efficiency in a retail pharmacy. Dispense the majority of medication packages for patient orders automatically. User-friendly, quiet operation, operates even when power is out, and unmatched speed! Each patient script is dispensed in 3 seconds and transferred via conveyor or elevator for check, label, and will call. Compared to any other automated dispensing method, RoboPharma dispensing robots are infinitely faster!

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Full will-call solution that helps the pharmacy team organize and manage completed prescriptions

ScriptShelves provides prescription track-and-trace functions and notifies patients of prescription readiness. ScriptShelves uses the pharmacy’s existing storage locations or an optional ScriptShelves rack that contains baskets with barcodes and unique positions along with an optional pick-to-light system. Using the PMR or RoboLabel, a prescription bag label is printed and applied. Additional options include integration with HomeDeliveries, track-and-trace and routing software for efficient prescription delivery.

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Efficient track-and-trace program to record each delivery

Complete the loop of technology-driven Rx processing with HomeDeliveries, our user-friendly app on a handheld device that interfaces with ScriptShelves. HomeDeliveries software plans the driver’s route, picks the most efficient trip, and records a signature. This product is gaining popularity quickly as customers prefer at-home delivery for many essentials, including prescriptions.

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24/7 prescription pickup center

RoboWall can be installed indoors or outdoors and is ideal for letting customers pick up filled scripts how and when they prefer. RoboWall also helps to avoid/limit human interaction which is especially important with pandemic concerns. Patients find the convenience of anytime pickup highly advantageous, and the pharmacy staff is freed up for other activities and pharmacy tasks. The RoboWall carousel automatically chooses a suitable location inside the unit and the system sends a notification to the patient that the prescription is ready (including a unique PIN-code for secure medication pickup).

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Video: RoboPharma Overview

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How Can Automation Improve Your Community Pharmacy?

There are many ways to gain efficiencies through technology. Our consultants combine business knowledge, technical acuity, appreciation for aesthetics, and human interaction factors to build the right solution for chains and single locations alike.

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