Pill Counter

The Kirby Lester KL1 is the pharmacy industry’s “gold standard” for small, fast, accurate pill counting – suitable to count almost any bulk tablet or capsule prescription or stock bottle. Weighing only 3.2 kg and standing just 37 cm high, the KL1 fits into any crowded work station. The Kirby Lester counter, from Capsa Healthcare, is trusted across the globe for its accurate counting and simplicity.

Practical uses:

  • Pharmacy prescription counting of loose medications
  • Controlled Medications/Narcotics inventory
  • Automated packaging robot cassette/cell inventory
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing check-counting & bulk counting

The Kirby Lester KL1 never needs calibration or I.T. interfacing, and operation is simple. Plug it in to any standard power outlet, turn the device on, and begin counting. The device can count up to 15 pills per second (not suitable for clear capsules). As the technician pours a steady stream of pills through the KL1, the optic sensors inside the device count, and the pills are collected in the clear tray below.


  • Superior accuracy to manual counting with a tray & spatula or scale
  • Faster than hand-counting (14.3 seconds for a 90-pill count)
  • Reliable for years, with simple daily cleaning (60 seconds)
  • Efficient for double-counting controlled medication quantities and inventory

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