RoboWall 24/7 Prescription Pickup

RoboWall is a stand-alone automated prescription collection center. With RoboWall, pharmacies have the ability to load completed prescriptions inside the secure unit for their patients to retrieve on the other side, at any time.

RoboWall can be installed indoors or outdoors and is ideal for avoiding/limiting human interaction. Any size community pharmacy will benefit from the convenience, labor-savings, and customer satisfaction that is delivered with RoboWall.

RoboWall Benefits

  • Customer Preferred – Pick up prescriptions 24/7
  • Reduced pharmacy staff requirements & time drain
  • COVID-19 Solution – Promotes touch-free distancing
  • Customizable – RoboWall can be installed in a range of sizes, Rx capacity, and branding
  • Compact – Complete station in less than 1m2
  • Standalone or connected to your PMR
  • Secure construction, secure access

RoboWall Carousel exterior




How RoboWall Works – For Pharmacy Staff

  1. Pharmacy staff member signs into RoboWall;
  2. Barcode-scans the prepared prescription and selects the package size;
  3. RoboWall’s internal carousel presents 1 available location;
  4. RoboWall sends a SMS (text) notification with unique PIN

How RoboWall Works – For Customers

  1. Customer receives notification;
  2. At the RoboWall unit, enters PIN and date of birth;
  3. Retrieves prescription

Where To Install RoboWall

  • Outside the pharmacy
  • Inside the pharmacy lobby
  • In multiples (chain pharmacies can integrate as a web with complete control from HQ)
  • In convenient locations such as grocery or metro station
Click here to download the RoboWall Script Dispenser Leaflet:

RoboWall Leaflet

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