RoboPharma AF30 AutoFill Unit


Thank you for your interest in our Auto Filling Systems.
The RoboPharma AF30 AutoFill unit has been developed especially for high end solutions in big hospitals. It is a standalone, batch wise filling unit that can be installed in combination with RoboPharma RP20, RP30 and RP50 robots. It can be installed as one unit or multiple cooperative units.
After installing AutoFill, the Robot keeps all her functions, including the manual filling possibility.

AutoFill brochure

The RoboPharma AF30 AutoFill is

1. Multifunctional and accurate.
The integrated Laser Real Stock Count Function, Pack Size Measurement Function and Controlled Entrance Function make it a highly multifunctional and accurate system. It supports the use of 2d barcodes, expiry date function and track and trace functions.

2. Fast.
With a filling capacity of approx. 3.000 packs per hour per unit it is a fast filling system.

3. Supporting high density storage.
The special gripper construction and positioning method support High Density Storage.