Lean Filling

Lean Filling
Developed in The Netherlands by Mediq and RoboPharma.

Lean Filling is the solution for fast and efficient ordering and processing of repeat prescriptions in your own pharmacy, developed by Mediq and RoboPharma.

Lean Filling is specifically developed to optimize the processing of repeat prescriptions. The Lean Filling software and hardware are developed to be applicable in virtually every pharmacy.

Lean Filling consists of the following components:

• Lean Filling Software.
• Sorting rack with standard 46 locations, provided with barcodes.
• Recipe baskets, provided with barcodes.
• PC with touch screen and scanner.
• Wireless barcode scanner for scanning baskets and locations.
• RoboLabel semi-automatic checking and labeling system.

Options are:

• Additional sorting rack.
• Ergonomic RoboLabel worktable.
• Ergonomic worktable for PC with touch screen and scanner.
• Carts for wholesale totes and recipe baskets.
• Additional recipe baskets with barcode.

When working with Lean Filling, repeat prescriptions are entered in the Central Filling module of the PMR system. These repeat prescriptions are forwarded to the Lean Filling software at adjustable time intervals. Repeat prescriptions are automatically custom ordered at the wholesaler. Orders with repeat prescriptions are delivered in the pharmacy in separate wholesaler totes, provided with a Lean Filling characteristic. Each wholesaler tote contains the packs for a number of complete recipes.

With the Lean Filling software and sorting rack, the packages are sorted over the corresponding repeat prescriptions simple and efficient. With the RoboLabel the sorted prescriptions are checked, labeled and packed and a bag label is applied to the bag. The recipes are now ready to be given to the patient.

Properties of Lean Filling are:

• Always applicable, regardless of the PMR system you are working with.
• Due to the small footprint and flexible layout of the system, Lean Filling can always be fitted
  into your pharmacy.
• Repeat prescriptions are automatic and custom ordered from the wholesaler.
• Orders are delivered in separate wholesale totes, each crate contains a number of complete recipes.
• The packs are processed directly from the wholesaler tote, storing the packs is no longer necessary.
• Medicine packages are sorted over the prescriptions in one simple step.
• Accurate and efficient checking, labeling and packaging with the RoboLabel.
• 100% control during labeling and ascription of prescriptions.
• Processing repeat prescriptions can be carried out by untrained personnel.

Benefits of Lean Filling are:

• No initial investment required.
• Efficient sorting in your pharmacy in just one step.
• Automatic and custom ordering of repeat prescriptions from Mediq wholesaler.
• Reduce costs and increase liquidity by reducing stock with tens of percent. Depending on your
  pharmacy this can increase to tens of thousands of euros.
• Cost savings through time and use of unskilled personnel. Depending on your pharmacy, savings can
  add up to tens of thousands of euros.
• Flexibility in the use of your pharmacy team.
• Always possible to fit in to your pharmacy.
• High accuracy by 100% control during labeling with RoboLabel. Users report approximately 1 error in
  200.000 - 500.000 prescriptions.
• Paraph no longer needed.


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