FastMover Channels

FastMover Channels are vertical storage channels, ideal for organised storage and automatic dispensing of your fast moving products. FastMover Channels are independent operating units.

A Fastmover Channel consists of a vertical channel with an automatic dispensing unit.
The standard channel lengths are 1200, 1600, 1800, 2000 or 2200mm.

Other lengths available. The width can be chosen and adjusted to the selected package width.
The FastMover Channels can be controlled by an existing robot or by independent operating software.

How it works

In the software products can be allocated to channels by selecting a channel and scanning a product. After that the channel can be filled with packs. The filling is fast and efficient by filling stacks. De FastMover Channels can dispense automatically on a conveyor.


  • Big storage capacity for fast movers. A FastMover Channel contains approx. 5 tot 10 times more packs as a horizontal channel.
  • Less different channels necessary for the same storage capacity.
  • Automatic and fast dispensing on a conveyor.
  • Compact: Efficient use of space in your robot or as stand alone module.
  • Fast filling by filling stacks.


FastMover Channels can be used stand alone or in combination with a horizontal channel robot, eventual with slow mover doors. FastMover Channels can be used in one small group of just a few pieces or as well in multiple big groups of several hundred FastMover Channels each. Application in community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, central filling pharmacies, pharmaceutical whole salers etcetera.


  • 1 line parallel to a wall
  • A- form: 2 lines parallel to each other with dispensing sides facing each other.
  • M- form: More A- form groups placed parallel to each other.
  • 1 line parallel in a RP20 robot.
  • 1 line to the head side of a RP20 robot.
  • 1 line parallel in a RP30 orRP50 robot.
  • 1 line to the head side of a RP30 or RP50 robot.


Brochure FastMover Channels