Dispenser Our automated dispenser gives you the flexibility to store a wide range of pharmaceutical products. The system knows exactly how many products the dispenser contains and where they are stored. Prescriptions are quickly registered into your PMR, and processed completely by the system, giving you the time you need to spend with each customer, until the completed prescription arrives just a few seconds later.               

The dispenser is filled manually by scanning the product’s bar code, and entering the quantity you wish to load. The software will automatically let you know where to load your stock.

In our experience, manual filling is quicker and more reliable than an automated process.

Slow Mover Doors
It is possible to add Slow Mover Doors to the dispensers. This way the system becomes also suitable for your Slow Moving products!


RP30 Dispenser

RoboCube Stand Alone Dispenser

Click here to download the RP30 High Density Dispenser Leaflet:
RP30 High Density Dispenser Leaflet
Click here to download the RoboCube Stand Alone Dispenser Leaflet: 

RoboCube Stand Alone Dispenser Leaflet
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