CleverFill PDA for more efficient robot use.

The CleverFill PDA (Personal Digital Assistent, also named handheld computer) has been developed in The Netherlands by RoboPharma, its users and sales partners.


The CleverFill PDA has been developed for optimising robot use and supports users to get the best from the robot.

The software and hardware are developed in such way that it can be used at each pharmacy with a RoboPharma robot. With the CleverFill PDA you will be able to fill even more efficient and faster and it will be easier to keep the stock levels right.

The handheld computer is compact, has a 2d barcode scanner and an alarm function. It has a far reach wireless and the operator has two hands free for filling.



The CleverFill PDA solution consists of the following components:

  • A compact and robust PDA (hand held computer).
  • Combined 1d and 2d barcode scanner, integrated in the PDA.
  • Touch screen
  • Keyboard
  • Wi-Fi connection


  • Hipbelt
  • Arm fixation with combined 1d and 2d finger scanner. In this case the PDA will be fixed to your arm and the scanner to your finger. You will have both hands free to do your work.


  • Faster filling
  • Able to warn the operator when it is necessary to fill channels because stock is low or in case of a machine error.
  • The operator has two hands free to do the job.
  • Able to work with 2d barcodes and for example expiry date and batch number.


Save time when filling

With the CleverFill PDA the operator will be able to fill faster and more efficient by selecting the job "Fill". After that the barcode of the product is scanned. The PDA interface will ask "Give quantity" or "Full". Than the quantity is given by typing for example "5" followed by "Enter". The PDA will indicate the locations to be filled and the quantities. The robot will blink the related led's. To close the filling session choose "Close".

Alarm function

The CleverFill PDA is foreseen of an alarm function that will be able to warn the operator in time when it is necessary to fill certain channels because stock is getting low or in case of a machine error.


Brochure CleverFill PDA